Webinar Details

Joining the Squared Away Math Membership is a big choice and one you don't have much time to make! For 30 minutes this webinar will take you inside the membership and hopefully answer all of your questions!

The webinar will cover:

  • Who is Lindsay Perro?
  • What the membership includes.
  • How the membership is different from purchasing a resource.
  • Pricing
  • A detailed look at the resources.
  • FAQs.

Also included - a webinar workbook, grade level membership blueprints and a content calendar.

Webinar Contents

  • 1

    Before the Webinar!

    • Webinar Workbook

  • 2

    The Webinar

    • Informational Membership Webinar

  • 3

    Membership Blueprints & Content Calendar

    • 5th Grade Membership Blueprint

    • 6th Grade Membership Blueprint

    • 7th Grade Membership Blueprint

    • 8th Grade Membership Blueprint

    • Monthly Bonuses & Themes Calendar

  • 4

    Katy's Testimonial

    • Katy's Testimonial