This is your one stop intervention resource for 8th grade math! 

This math intervention resource is designed to provide extra practice resources for 8th grade math students. The worksheets are not meant to be used for full class lessons (although they could be if that is your preference). 50+ different skills are included! An EDITABLE version is also included (you must have PowerPoint to edit)!

Each skill comes with four resources : 
► Tracking Sheet – Record the dates and scores for each activity.
► Review Sheet – A quick review, student input section and problems intended to be used as guided practice.
► Practice Worksheet – Use as independent or partner practice.
► Error Analysis – Each problem is solved incorrectly. Students identify the error(s) and then solve correctly.

Also included are small group planning sheets and editable interactive notebook pages and dividers.

Suggestions for Use : 
► This resource was designed to be used in an interactive notebook - or any composition or spiral notebook with at least 100 pages. It is not necessary to use it this way though and a traditional version is also included.
► If you chose not to use it as an interactive notebook or you do not work with the same group of students all year, keep this resource printed in a binder in your classroom. Intervention teachers, assistants, volunteers, etc. can easily grab it and work with a small group of students on a set of skills designated by you. Worksheets can be completed as printed sheets, or place them in sheet protectors and give students for re-usable, dry erase practice.

To edit this resource : 

• Instructions have been provided in the download to help you edit. You MUST have PowerPoint to use the editable file.
• All questions and notes are editable.
• Copyright information, backgrounds, formatting, foldable templates and graphics are NOT editable.

How do I get the new content when added?
I do not make any guarantees that work will be completed before the projected dates in the table of contents. To get the new material, just logout of your dashboard and log back in. Everything will be there!

  • Extremely excited to use this. I co-teach an 8th grade math class and teach a resource class with students from 5th - 8th grade and your intervention bundles are engaging and save me a tremendous amount of time. Extremely excited to use with my co-taught students to further enhance our classroom lessons! Thanks for another amazing resource. - Brooke (Aug 2017)
  • I don't know how I would teach my intensive math class without this awesome resource. I like how it drops a bit below standard to intervene on standards, but then brings it back up to standard. Genius! - September 2017

Licensing Terms :
By purchasing this product, you own a license for one teacher only for personal use in their own classroom. Licenses are non-transferable and therefore can not be passed from one teacher to another. If the teacher who purchased this license leaves the classroom or changes schools, the license and materials leave with that teacher. No part of this resource is to be shared with colleagues or used by an entire team, grade level, school or district without purchasing the correct number of licenses. If you are a coach, principal or district interested in transferable licenses that would accommodate yearly staff changes, please contact me for a transferable license quote at

Copyright Information :
© Lindsay Perro. Please note - all material included in this resource belongs to Lindsay Perro Inc. By purchasing, you have a license to use the material but you do not own the material. You may not upload any portion of this resource to the internet in any format, including school/personal websites or network drives unless the site is password protected and can only be accessed by students, not other teachers or anyone else on the internet. 

About Payment Plans :

  • If you purchase using a payment plan and your payment fails at any point you will immediately lose access to the resources. Please ensure your payment information stays up to date.

Included Resources

  • 1

    Intervention Plan Sheet

    • Intervention Plan Sheet

    • Intervention Plan Sheet - Editable Version


  • 2

    8th Grade Math Intervention Binder

    • 1 - HOW TO EDIT

    • 2 - 8th Grade Math Intervention Binder

    • 3 - 8th Grade Math Intervention Binder INB Version

    • 4 - 8th Grade Math Intervention Binder - EDITABLE Version

    • 5 - 8th Grade Math Intervention Binder - EDITABLE INB Version

    • 6 - Teacher Notes - 8th Grade Math Intervention

    • 7 - 8th Grade Intervention INB Pages & Dividers

    • 8 - EDITABLE 8th Grade Intervention INB Pages & Dividers

    • 9 - 8th Grade Math Intervention Binder KEYS (UPDATED 8/14/19)

    • Credits


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    Yep! You can cancel, however you will lose access immediately and will no longer have the legal rights to use the materials in your classroom. Think of this as an Amazon Prime Video service for your classroom.... while you are a member, you can use as much as you want. Once you stop being a member, all rights are removed.

  • Will there be new resources?

    Yes! In 2019 the 6th Grade Membership will see the addition of 6th Grade Bullet Notes, 6th Grade Google Warm Ups, 6th Grade Math Chats and a total overhaul of answer keys for all curriculum units and intervention plans.

  • Do you accept Purchase Orders?

    Absolutely! Get all of the details at

  • What if I teach Multiple Grade Levels?

    If you teach more than one grade level, you are able to add on additional memberships for a lower fee. Please reach out via email and I will help you out!

  • Will I be paying forever?

    Yes and no. As long as you are a member you will have a monthly fee. However, unlike other memberships, the longer you are a member, the lower your monthly price. During years 2 and 3 your monthly price will drop by about $5 a month. Then, if you are still "Squared Away" after 3 years, you will start year four (and beyond) at the LIFER fee of only $5 per month!