⭐️⭐️⭐️ This HUGE RESOURCE BUNDLE includes a full year of 6th Grade Curriculum Supplemental Activities! This bundle includes most of the supplemental resources in my store that align to common core middle school math skills and the average 6th grade math curriculum. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

⭐️  Activities are broken down into the following categories 

✅ Unit 1 – Operations with Whole Numbers and Decimals {A 5th Grade Review Unit}

✅ Unit 2 – Fraction Operations and Integer Concepts

✅ Unit 3 – Ratios, Rates, Percents and Proportions

✅ Unit 4 – Expressions

✅ Unit 5 – Equations and Inequalities

✅ Unit 6 – Geometry

✅ Unit 7 – Data Displays

✅ Yearlong Resources

✅ Beginning of the Year Resources

✅ End of the Year Resources 

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⭐️⭐️ There are currently over $650 worth of supplemental activities included. ⭐️⭐️

Please Note: This is NOT an actual curriculum! It is impossible to create a "one size fits all" 6th grade bundle. As with any textbook or workbook series, you may find that you need to supplement some skills and/or activities. I researched curriculum from districts across the country and created what I feel to be a valuable resource! Please be sure to check out this preview carefully to see exactly what skills and topics are covered in each individual unit.


  • ❤️ I have finally invested in your whole curriculum and I am so excited for my year ahead...units I have used before from you have been well organized and well received by my students! I know that I am in good hands and that I can focus my time on teaching strategies instead of searching out resources. You do amazing work! It is much appreciated!!

  • ❤️ I use this bundle all the time! As a first year teacher, this has saved my life. I love this bundle so much! I can't thank you enough!

  • ❤️ This is the golden ticket when it comes to establishing a math curriculum and having complementary pieces....especially when you do not have a curriculum provided for you.

  • ❤️ Its my first year teaching 6th grade math and common core in addition with Algebra and Pre-Algebra. You just saved my life! These are all amazing and everything I could ever need and more!

  • ❤️ Excellent resources, with consistently well-thought-out progressions of problems for the kids to work on. These materials help build student understanding and learning. Very highly recommended!
  • ❤️ Great product to supplement my curriculum with. Students love the products you create. Thanks for sharing them with us! 

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Included Resources

  • 1


    • 6th Grade Math Benchmark Exam (Digital Included)

    • 6th Grade Math Mini Assessments (CCSS and Regular) (Digital Included)

    • 6th Grade Math Test Prep (Open-Ended and Multiple Choice)

  • 2

    Beginning of the Year Resources

    • 6th Grade Math Prep Packet

  • 3

    End of Year Activities

    • 6th Grade End of Year Choice Board

    • 6th Grade End of Year Choice Board - Coloring Page Templates

    • 6th Grade End of Year Game Choice Board

    • 6th Grade End of Year Math Task Cards

    • 6th Grade Sugarland End of Year Game

    • 7th Grade Math Prep Packet

  • 4

    Full Year Resources

    • 6th Grade Math Bullet Notes (Digital Included)

    • 6th Grade Math CCSS Checklists (Digital Included)

    • 6th Grade Math Chats (Digital Included)

    • 6th Grade Math Homework Notebook (Digital Included)

    • 6th Grade Math Progress Monitoring

    • 6th Grade Math Punch Cards (CCSS)

    • 6th Grade Math Punch Cards (TEKS)

    • 6th Grade Math Skills Quick Reference Sheets (Digital Included)

    • 6th Grade Math Vocabulary Cards

    • Reading in the Middle School Math Classroom (Digital Included)

  • 5

    Teacher Toolkit

    • Form Templates (Behavior, Data, Lesson, Communication)

    • Syllabus / Meet the Teacher

  • 6

    Holiday Specific Resources

    • 6th Grade Math Holiday Activities (Digital Included)

    • Fall - Order of Operations Coloring Page

    • Fall - Percent of a Number - Coloring Worksheet

    • Halloween - Adding and Subtracting Fractions - Coloring Worksheet

    • Halloween - Classroom Survey and Graphing Activity

    • Halloween - Combining Like Terms Matching Activity (Digital Included)

    • Halloween - The Costume Shop Word Problems Activity

    • Halloween - Decimal Operations Word Problems

    • Halloween - Distributive Property - Task Cards

    • Halloween - Division Coloring Worksheet

    • Halloween - Evaluating Expressions Stations and Coloring Page (Building Frank) (Digital Included)

    • Halloween - Fraction and Decimal Stations

    • Halloween - Fraction Operations Task Cards

    • Halloween - Spooky Cookies Fraction Activity

    • Leap Day Activities

    • Pi Day Activity (Digital Included)

    • Summer - Decimal Operations Coloring Worksheet

    • Summer - Order of Operations Coloring Worksheet

    • Thanksgiving - Math Word Problems

    • Valentine's Day - Fractions Activities (Digital Included)

    • Winter / Holiday - 6th Grade No Prep Activities (Digital Included)

    • Winter/Holiday - Area - Coloring Worksheet (Digital Included)

    • Winter / Holiday - Coordinate Plane Stations

    • Winter / Holiday - Decimal Operations Coloring Worksheet

    • Winter/Holiday - Decimal Word Problems

    • Winter/Holiday - Expressions - Quick Check Activity (Digital Included)

    • Winter / Holiday - Fractions and Decimals PowerPoint Review Game

    • Winter / Holiday - Fraction Operations Spiral Review

    • Winter / Holiday - Fraction Word Problems - Coloring Page

    • Winter/Holiday - Logic Puzzle Activity (Ugly Christmas Sweater)

    • Winter / Holiday - Order of Operations Coloring Page

    • Winter / Holiday - Percent of a Number Coloring

    • Winter/Holiday - Percent of a Number Shopping Activity

  • 7


    • Basic Math Operations Skills Speed Drills

    • The Coffee Shop Project

    • Math Mistakes in the Real World

    • Financial Literacy Stations (Digital Included)

    • Real World Math Checkbook Lesson and Activity (Digital Included)

  • 8

    Operations with Whole Numbers and Decimals Supplemental Resources

    • 6th Grade Number System Review Booklet

    • Decimal Operations Board Game (Football Themed)

    • Decimal Operations - Coloring Pages Collection

    • Decimal Operations - Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Decimal Operations - Fold and Flip Notes

    • Decimal Operations - Mini Flip Book (Digital Included)

    • Decimal Operations - Powerpoint Review Game

    • Decimal Operations Puzzle

    • Decimal Operations - Review Game (Spin/Roll to Solve)

    • Decimal Operations - Review Worksheet

    • Decimal Operations - Spiral Review Activity

    • Decimal Operations - Stations

    • Decimal Operations - Substitute Plans

    • Decimal Operations - Task Cards

    • Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers - Review Game (Spin/Roll to Solve)

    • Multiplying Whole Numbers - Coloring Page

    • Number System - Coloring Page

  • 9

    Fraction Operations and Integer Concepts Supplemental Resources

    • 6th Grade - Fraction and Decimal Operations - Print and Practice Activities

    • Absolute Value and Opposites Coloring Page

    • Absolute Value - Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Add and Subtract Fractions - Assessment (Digital Version Included)

    • Adding and Subtracting Fractions Coloring Worksheet

    • Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers - Coloring Worksheet

    • Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers - Stations (Digital Included)

    • Adding Fractions - Notes and Powerpoint

    • Compare and Order Rational Numbers - Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Compare and Order Rational Numbers - Powerpoint Review Game

    • Coordinate Planes Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Dividing Fractions - Notes and Powerpoint

    • Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers - Pairs Check Activity

    • Fraction Concepts Review Game (Digital Included)

    • Fractions and Mixed Numbers - Performance Task

    • Fractions [Concepts and Operations] - Review Packet

    • Fractions [Concepts and Operations] - Fold and Flip Notes Bundle

    • Fractions [Concepts and Operations] - Mini Unit (Circus Theme)

    • Fractions Placemat Activity

    • Fraction Operations - Board Game

    • Fraction Operations - Coloring Pages

    • Fraction Operations - Cooperative Learning Activity

    • Fraction Operations Cube Activity

    • Fraction Operations - Emergency Substitute Plans

    • Fraction Operations - Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Fraction Operations - Mini Flip Book (Digital Included)

    • Fraction Operations - Puzzle (Digital Included)

    • Fraction Operations - Spiral Review Activity

    • Fraction Operations - Spin or Roll to Solve

    • Fraction Operations - Stations

    • Fraction Operations - Student Booklet

    • Fraction Operations - Task Cards

    • Fraction Operations (including Mixed Numbers) - Coloring Worksheet

    • GCF and LCM - Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers Coloring Worksheet

    • Multiplying Fractions - Notes and Powerpoint

    • Multiplying Mixed Numbers - Coloring Worksheet

    • Positive and Negative Numbers Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Subtracting Fractions - Notes and Powerpoint

  • 10

    Ratios, Rates and Percents Supplemental Resources

    • 6th Grade - Ratios and Proportional Relationships - Review Booklet

    • Fractions, Decimals, and Percents - Activities

    • Fractions, Decimals, and Percents - Conversions - Coloring Worksheet

    • Fractions, Decimals, and Percents - Conversions - Pairs Check Coloring

    • Fractions, Decimals, and Percents - Conversions - Puzzle

    • Fractions, Decimals, and Percents - Conversions - Stations

    • Fractions, Decimals, and Percents - Conversions - Task Cards

    • Percent of a Number - Coloring Worksheet

    • Percent of a Number - Guided Practice

    • Percent of a Number - Pairs Check Activity

    • Percent of a Number - Puzzle (Digital Included)

    • Percent of a Number - Restaurant Activity (Sweet Pea Cafe)

    • Proportions and Unit Rate - Coloring Worksheet

    • Proportions and Unit Rate - Notes and Practice

    • Ratios Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Ratios, Rates, and Percents - Mini Flip Book (Digital Included)

    • Unit Rate - Coloring Page

    • Unit Rate - Pairs Check Activity

    • Unit Rate - Scavenger Hunt

  • 11

    Expressions Supplemental Resources

    • 6th Grade Expressions - Stations (Digital Included)

    • Combining Like Terms - Cooperative Learning Activity

    • Distributive Property - Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Distributive Property - Notes and Coloring Worksheet

    • Distributive Property - Pairs Check Activity

    • Distributive Property - Puzzle

    • Distributive Property - Reciprocal Learning Activity

    • Distributive Property Stations

    • Distributive Property - Task Cards

    • Evaluating Expressions - Spin or Roll to Solve

    • Exponents Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Expressions and Properties - Mini Flip Book (Digital Included)

    • Expressions Cube Activity

    • Order of Operations Stations

    • Order of Operations - Task Cards

    • Properties of Operations - Coloring Worksheet

    • Simplifying Expressions - Review Game (Spin/Roll to Solve)

  • 12

    Equations and Inequalities Supplemental Resources

    • Equations and Inequalities - Mini Flip Book (Digital Included)

    • Equations and Inequalities - Stations (Digital Included)

    • Expressions and Equations - No Prep Worksheets

    • Expressions and Equations - Review Booklet

    • Graphing Inequalities - Coloring Worksheet

    • Inequalities - Matching Puzzle (Digital)

    • One Step Equations Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Solving One Step Equations - Coloring Worksheet

    • Writing Equations Activity

  • 13

    Geometry Supplemental Resources

    • Area - Coloring Worksheet (Digital Included)

    • Area - Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Area - Notes and Practice Worksheet

    • Area - Powerpoint Review Game

    • Area - Stations (Digital Included)

    • Coordinate Plane - Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Coordinate Plane - Stations (Digital Included)

    • Geometry - Basic Concepts Worksheet

    • Geometry - Mini Flip Book (Digital Included)

    • Geometry - Review Booklet

    • Geometry - Stations

    • Nets - Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Surface Area - Coloring Worksheet

    • Surface Area - Notes and Practice Worksheet

    • Surface Area - Reciprocal Learning Activity

    • Volume - Cubes and Rectangular Prisms - Coloring Worksheet

    • Volume - Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Volume - Pairs Check Activity

    • Volume - Rectangular Prisms - Performance Task

  • 14

    Data Displays and Measures of Center Supplemental Resources

    • Box and Whisker Plots - Coloring Worksheet (Digital Included)

    • Box and Whisker Plots - Notes and Practice Worksheet (Digital Included)

    • Box and Whisker Plots - Practice Worksheet (Digital Included)

    • Data - Mini Flip Book (Digital Included)

    • Data Displays - Error Analysis Task Cards

    • Data Displays - Stations

    • Data Displays - Task Cards

    • Measures of Central Tendency - Coloring Worksheet

    • Measures of Central Tendency - Task Cards

    • Statistics and Probability - Math Resources

    • Statistics and Probability - Review Packet


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