My intervention programs have been providing teachers and students with quality skill review for over ten years. The content is strong and the resources work, but something was missing. 

Teachers were still required to do much of the heavy lifting. The planning. The data analyzing. 

That is changing – in a big way. 

The Moving Math Forward Intervention Program promises to be a game changer for both teachers and students.  This six-step program will guide teachers through every single step of the intervention process and give students more options than ever, including audio and visual examples and notes. My current intervention binders will be the content core of the program.

A select group of teachers have been chosen to to pilot this program for the 2021-2022 school year. The feedback and data provided by the pilot group of teachers will help build this program to its completion. The program will not be complete until Spring 2022. 

The complete program will be available for purchase for ALL teachers and schools/districts for the 2022-2023 school year and will be in the form of an annual subscription. 

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Unit 1: Operations with Whole Numbers and Decimals

Unit 2: Fraction Operations and Integer Concepts

Unit 3: Ratios, Rates and Percents

Unit 4: Expressions

Unit 5: Equations and Inequalities

Unit 6: Geometry

Unit 7: Data Displays and Measures of Center

Step One: Identify

  • All students will be screened with the same assessments. The beginning of the year assessment will include material from previous grade levels and assessments throughout the year will highlight trouble spots from all grade levels – fractions, decimals, multiplication fluency, etc. 
  • Have students evaluate their confidence level for each question or set of questions. 
  • Place them into tiers based upon performance by strand / skill set. 

Step Two: Plan

  • Which lessons will you need?
  • What spiral skills will you include?
  • What manipulatives do you have?
    • Suggestions will be given for both physical and digital manipulatives. 
  • What can the child/parent do at home?
  • When will they receive intervention?

Step Three: Get on Board

  • Get the child and family on board. Don’t just “throw” them into intervention.  Explain the benefits.  Offer incentives.  Going to intervention should be “special” - an honor, a privilege, something they look forward to

Step Four: Instruct

  • How will you reach all learners?  Visual?  Auditory?  Kinesthetic?
  • Document strategies used
  • Lesson plans
    • Will include very detailed, broken-down explanations
    • Ample practice problems
    • Bright, colorful, visual, tactile, notes 
    • Every lesson will include some type of drawing/memory tool
    • Audio, video included

Step Five: Assess (Progress Monitoring) 

  • Pre-made assessments 
  • Have students reflect on their confidence again
  • As soon as possible after the assessment, analyze answers with students

Step Six: Document

  • Templates for documentation for both teachers and students.

This version includes: 

Licensing Terms :
By enrolling in this program, you have a temporary, single year license for one teacher only for personal use in their own classroom. Licenses are non-transferable and therefore can not be passed from one teacher to another. If the teacher who enrolled in this program leaves the classroom or changes schools, the license and materials leave with that teacher. No part of this resource is to be shared with colleagues or used by an entire team, grade level, school or district without purchasing the correct number of licenses. If you are a coach, principal or district interested in licenses for multiple teachers, please contact me for a transferable license quote at

Copyright Information :
© Lindsay Perro. Please note - all material included in this resource belongs to Lindsay Perro Inc. By purchasing, you have a license to use the material but you do not own the material. You may not upload any portion of this resource to the internet in any format, including school/personal websites or network drives unless the site is password protected and can only be accessed by students, not other teachers or anyone else on the internet. 

Included Resources

  • 1

    Progress Monitoring

    • Google Sheets Progress Monitoring Link

  • 2


    • Pre Assessment Links

  • 3

    Extension and Understanding

    • Tutorial

    • Google Slides Template

  • 4

    Pre-Requisite Skill: Decimal Operations

    • Pre-Assessment Google Links

  • 5

    Middle School Math Basics Intervention Plan

    • Digital Links

  • 6

    Current Digital Piece - Assessments

    • 6th Grade Intervention Assessment GOOGLE LINKS

  • 7

    Unit 1 - Operations with Whole Numbers and Decimals

    • Unit 1 Slides Links

    • Unit 1 Assessment Links

  • 8

    Unit 2 - Fraction Operations and Integer Concepts

    • Unit 2 Slides Links

    • Unit 2 Assessment Links

  • 9

    Unit 3 - Ratios, Rates and Percents

    • Unit 3 Slides Links

    • Unit 3 Assessment Links

  • 10

    Unit 4 - Expressions

    • Unit 4 Slides Links

    • Unit 4 Assessment Links

  • 11

    Unit 5 - Equations and Inequalities

    • Unit 5 Slides Links

    • Unit 5 Assessment Links

  • 12

    Unit 6 - Geometry

    • Unit 6 Slides Links

    • Unit 6 Assessment Links


  • Is this a single purchase?

    No. This is an annual subscription. Your access will continue as long as you are subscribed. The program will be updated as needed and the subscription will help with those costs.

  • How is this different than the intervention binders?

    The binders were used as the base content for this program - but Moving Math Forward includes SO much more than just the worksheets. The original binders are not digital - so this is a completely different experience.

  • If I enroll in either just print or just digital, can I add the other later?

    Absolutely! Just reach out.

Are You Ready?

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