This resource is a monthly membership that gives you access to current and future digital resources as well as instructional videos, the notes that accompany them, and all PDF companions to digital resources. 

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Membership is currently only open to annual subscriptions.

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  • What does my membership give me?

    Your membership gives you access to ALL grade level digital content and the print companions for one monthly fee. You will have a license to use all resources for as long as your are a member.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Yep! You can cancel, however you will lose access immediately and will no longer have the legal rights to use the materials in your classroom. Think of this as an Amazon Prime Video service for your classroom.... while you are a member, you can use as much as you want. Once you stop being a member, all rights are removed. Also, if you cancel and re-join at a later date, you will need to join at the current membership pricing. You will not be able to join at any past rate.

  • Do you accept Purchase Orders?

    Absolutely! Get all of the details at https://beyondtheworksheet.com/purchase-orders/

  • How is this different from Squared Away?

    Squared Away is a more expensive membership that includes ALL resources - print and digital for each grade level. This membership only includes digital resources and their print companions. If you are a Squared Away Member, you already have everything in this membership and do NOT need to join!

  • Do you give discounts for digital resources already purchased?

    No, this membership will not be discounted for any previous purchases. The monthly price is set to currently be only 10% of the value of the resources, and that value will increase quickly. Once you are a member, your price will never increase, no matter how much content is added. If you already purchased a digital bundle - do not join this membership!

  • How is the membership different from buying a digital bundle?

    With the membership, you are "borrowing" a license to use the resources while you are a paying member. The membership also includes the print companions to all digital resources, whereas buying the digital bundle only includes the digital resources.


Lindsay Perro

For the last 10 years I have been creating quality, engaging and content-rich resources for middle school math teachers. My journey started during my time in the classroom as a math interventionist. I had no resources and knew my students needed more than any textbook could give them. I left the classroom when my second child was born to focus on being a mom first and supporting teachers second. I put my heart into everything I create and I hope it shows! I'm so excited to have you on this journey with me.

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